Do You Like Irish and Cherry Tattoo Designs?

Irish Tattoos

Irish tattoos come in different designs as they have moved from the traditional one to the modern ones which are more colorful.

Although the tattoos have an Irish origin, they have spread around the world and can be found among various cultures.

Irish community has gone through a series of challenges over the years. Their achievements and challenges have lead the people towards the development of tattoos as pride of their culture and to show national identity.

Additionally, the origin of the tattoos is attributed to the influence from other cultures such as the Celtic culture.

Apart from identity and national pride, the Irish tattoos are a symbol of friendship and love. For instance, if you have a friend who is a distance away from you what you will have is the Claddagh Tattoo.

Moreover, people from Irish origin are courageous and brave. Thus, one can have the Irish tattoo to show a brave and fearless spirit.

The fighter Irish tattoo is used to show that one has earned the reputation of being brave.

The tattoo is mostly favorite with young individuals from the Irish lineage. The Irish cross tattoo is a representation of religious devotion. The leg tattoo is also found among the Irish community.

Cherry Tattoos

Cheery tattoos always look innocent and sweet but to the wearer the symbols are packed with desire and sexuality.

The deep red color which is used in the tattoo is a symbol of lust and it is a representation of femininity.

Depending on the placement of the tattoo in the body, it can alter the meaning significantly. One of the cultures that have a deep connection to the tattoo is the Asian culture.

Over the years, the cherry tree is revered as a delicious and beautiful fruit. In the Chinese culture, cherry is a symbolism of the Samurai.

Both Chinese and Japanese celebrate the cherry tree during the annual festivals.

The cherry tattoos are ripe and have a strong sexual symbolism on the surface.

They represent everything about the cherry fruit which include juicy, delicious, ripe, and rich. The cherry tattoo is a symbol of passion, love and intensity.

The unique design look like the lips of a lover and an erotic connection. Just as the fruit on the cherry tree is used to attract a bird, the tattoo is used to attract a lover.

The meaning of the tattoo depends on where it is placed. Those who have it on the forehead are innocent, reserved and do not show their sexuality.

Some Cool Tattoo Designs and History

Horse Tattoos Facts

The horses have a well-defined function in the human history. The majestic creatures helped human beings to expand territories, chase down prey and fight wars.

Horses made human life easy during the Native American and the Europeans time.

They were versatile creatures which were handled with much care. Many rulers who ruled during the ancient times had a huge army of skilled horseback riders.

Many Kings who won wars had skilled horses and horse men who attacked their enemies. The color of the horse had a great significant.

The white horses symbolized rescuing those who were in distress. The white horse was mostly associated with hope, goodness, and reincarnation. The black horse represented bad omens, evil and darkness.

Horse tattoos in the modern society are a representation of grace, strength, nobility, freedom, and bravery. Additionally, the horse is a representation of fertility, power, beauty, intelligence, and companionship.

There are various horse tattoos which have a different meaning. A Celtic horse tattoo represents dominance, willingness, fearlessness, and victory.

The tribal horse tattoos have a more spiritual connection. They represent deep family ties and power and strength. The color, and size of a horse tattoo can significantly change its meaning.

Indian Tattoos Desings

Tattoos have been found in India since the ancient times. Tattoos in India have not only been used for beautifying the body, but they have been used for different meaning and reasons.

They are used in different communities in India, and each community has a different meaning for each tattoo. The tradition of tattooing was venerated across the forested and agrarian landscapes.

The maze-like carvings which were found on the prehistoric rocks were engraved to the bodies by the traditional communities. The process was referred to as gudna.

The other procedure which was used for tattooing among the Indians was the Apatani tattooing procedure which involved soot mixed in animal fat and cutting the skin with thorns.

The modern tatting culture is different from the ancient one. This is because the tattooing procedure which were done during the ancient time had nothing to do with anything pleasing in the eye or aesthetics.

Tribes used tattoos for different purposes such as identification.

When people had the same tattoo, they felt a sense of connection and understanding. The tattoos were used to show leadership positions in the Indian society.

Also, there were tattoos which showed individuals’ accomplishments. Some communities used tattoos as a way of gaining power.